Hi dog owners, my name is Gary and this is how our dog waste service company came about. My wife Joy and I were getting very frustrated after making a plethora of unsuccessful inquiries in an effort to find a way to dispose of our dogs “Yard Muffins”. We repeatedly found Dog Poop Removal Companies offering services in many of the cities throughout the United States, but not here in the Lower Mainland. With less than a month remaining before I was to graduate from business college, a decision was made to create a solution not just for our dog waste dilemma but for others in the same predicament.

In the early years.......
Ever since I can remember, I have always been doing "the dirty deed".  Scooping poop was just a given growing up with parents who owned a kennel, raised, trained & showed Champion Sheltie’s & Schipperkes as well as operated a dog grooming business out of our home.

And Now.......
Over time Dog Poop Clean Up went from being part of “my chores” to being “my career”.  For over 20 years, we at The Pooper Scooper have strived to provide reliable and affordable Dog Waste Disposal Services. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with this invaluable service!

"Where the waste goes!"





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